PAB OPEN 2019 registration closed

PAB Open 2019 registration for artists open 6 June - time 18.00 here:


PAB lokal

BIBF festival

BIBF is an International performance festival which started in 2012. We aim to hold the festival every second year. The first years the festival was held in the Bergen old prison, Kunstgarasjen & Bergen Kunsthall. Next BIBF will take place in 2020.

PAB OS - PAB: Open session

Open Session or "PAB OS" is a free experimental art space which open to artists, performers and public who share our interest in Performance. The PAB OS has organised by PAB and take place in and around Bergen city.

PAB open - festival

PAB-Open is a festival who make room for exploration and testing of new modes within the field of international/national performance. PAB OPEN 19 take place at Grand Hotel Terminus Bergen, 39 hotel rooms will contain various performances 5 & 6 oct.


PAB ALBUM# is an inspiring report through documentation of visual arts performance, an inspiring report through documentation of visual arts performance, a summary of work that performance artists of PAB have done in recent months.


The festival Between sky & sea gather a group of artists to work in a specific outdoor environment for a week to be showed in public during one festival day. In Sept. 2020 we will host a production-camp of  a group international artists in Nordøyane