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Place: Musèplassen - City of Bergen
Sunday 23 rd september - time: 14.00-15.30

This will be our third equinox event with after the start in 2016 with the event : Same Difference: Equinox to Equinox 2016, and was a collaboration of 43 performance art organisations worldwide making group performances in public space. This project involved the worldwide participation of 283 Artists, in 43 Locations, from 29 Countries in 1 Day of public performance art.

Performance Art Bergen: Open Session or "PAB OS" is a free experimental art space which open to artists, performers and public who share our interest in Performance Art. It encourages the emergence of something new and inventive. The PAB OS has organised by Performance Art Bergen and take place in and around Bergen city since December 2012. We also aim to stimulate and foster exchange between improvisers from various fields and disciplines – artists, movers, musicians, actors, vocalists and above all those, who are crossing all the divisions and improvising interdisciplinary and inter-medially.

GørilWallin - BIBF 2018 - Bjarte Bjørkum


Big thanks to everyone involved in the History Will Be Kind To Me For I Intend To Perform It project and It's Personal this weekend! We are honoured to have been part of this amazing experience.

Thanks to Kunstgarasjen and KMD for hosting us, to the artists involved,to our team and assistants, the photographers and of course our audience!

Also, massive thanks to Jennie Klein who came over to write about the Bergen International Performance Festival.
You can read about all of our events the past week here: