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PLACE: NORDØYANE IN MØRE & ROMSDAL (Skuløy, Haramsøy og Fjørtoft)
DEADLINE: 1. December 2019
WHEN: 9. - 20. September 2020

Performance Art Bergen (PAB) would like to invite new and old members of PAB to apply for the sixth edition of the international performance art event BETWEEN SKY & SEA with the theme TEMPORAL HORIZONS - and will focus on the relation between time, landscape, body and affect. We will invite eight artists and give them a framework for working, two of the artists will be chosen from this open call. The event will take place during twelve days on Nordøyane (north of Ålesund), Norway, in September 2020, and consists of seminar, work and end with a public event. The format can be performance for a live audience, for camera and/or video.

Members of Performance Art Bergen can apply.
If you are not a member, this is a great oppurtunity to become one!

The application must include:
• A description of the artistic practice related to the theme (max 500 word).
• A portfolio, link to webside etc.
• A CV
• A short artist statement/bio (max 250 word).

In the seminar specially invited guest lecturers will present ideas around the theme and together we will explore this further in discussions and presentations both from the participating artists and lecturers.

The artists will be provided with the necessary resources to work in a collegial community. That is, access to high-quality photographers, transport resources and people with knowledge of local culture and nature. PAB will provide the invited artists with travel, accommodation and food during the stay. We also will pay you a fee. This we cannot quantify today, because it depends on the result of several applications, but we will inform you shortly.

PAB would also like to invite you to contribute in some way; this could be sketches, text or photos, to the forthcoming book BETWEEN SKY & SEA: TEMPORAL HORIZONS. This will take place in the autumn -21.

For more information, please contakt Terese Longva, e-mail:
Application should be sent to:
Please mark the application: Between Sky & Sea - open call - 2020
Reply to be expected: 20. December.
From PAB, Terese Longva and Rita Marhaug


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The list of artists participating in
PAB OPEN 2019 is ready!

The following artists have been selected:

David Alræk, Kjartan Andersen, Sara Arenfeldt, Kelvin Atmadibrata ,Janne Aass, Sophie Barth/Schouskollektivet, Alexandra Bischoff, Else Karin Tysse Bysheim and Linn Monika Børresen, Samuel Brzeski, Agnes Btffn , Gillian Carson, Dany DeVero, Susanne Irene Fjørtoft, Haruka Fukao/ Yohei Hamada, Amy Guilfoyle, Bianca Hisse, Alexandra Holownia, Kurt Johannessen, Johan F Källman, Nina Bang Larsen, SANGHOON LEE, Tina Mariane Krogh Madsen & Malte Steiner, Vincenzo Fiore Marrese, Ilze Mazpane and Sanita Duka, James McIlwrath, Iivi Meltaus, Elisa Miravalles, Patrick Morarescu, Gisle Nataas, Tita Polderman, Lykourgos Porfyris, Eivind Reierstad and Alexandre Guimarãres, Dana Sederowsky, Tanja Silvestrini, Jasemin Telle, Álvaro Terrones, Dick Turner, Sarah Tzara Victoria, Siri Bertling Wiik and Salka Hellbacka.

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OPEN CALL: PAB OPEN 5th.- 6th of October 2019

PAB is seeking performances from local, national and international artists for PAB OPEN 2019.

The event will take place at Grand Hotel Terminus Bergen, Norway. PAB offers 39 single / double rooms on the top floor, where the artists will both live and perform in the room they are allocated. This is the 4th time PAB will organize PAB OPEN. The festival holds a low-threshold offer that allows the artists to explore and test new performative expressions. We want to provide a broad approach, where artists with different backgrounds and expressions can evolve and create work.

Seeking performances with a duration of 30 minutes:
The festival runs over two days, with a program lasting 3 hours each day, including a seminar Saturday evening. Due to the briefness of the festival, we strongly encourage applicants to focus on durational performances, with a minimum of 30 minutes, performed both Saturday and Sunday. You can apply with both solo-or duo performances.

Due to the amount of performances occurring at the same time, please let us know if you wish to use audio or similar elements in your performance. This is so we can fit it in to the program without disturbing other performances. We can unfortunately not offer any technical support or equipment. We kindly ask all artists to be self-reliant due to the size of the event.

PAB can offer one night of accommodation at the hotel. This includes breakfast, brunch before the festival starts Saturday, dinner during the seminar 5th of October and dinner after the festival program Sunday 6th of October. Travel costs has to be covered by the artists themselves at the moment, although we are still seeking funding to offer a small honorarium.

Registration for the festival opens on 6th of June at 6pm.
Traditionally, PAB OPEN has been a festival where everyone who applied for participation were accepted. This time, applications are evaluated consecutively, as there are limited rooms available. The committee will make a selection based on local and visiting artists.

The portal for registration opens June 6th at 6pm here::

Travel by train to the festival
Performance Art Bergen encourages all artists travelling to the festival, to do so by train if it’s manageable.Grand Hotel Terminus is located only 50 meters from the train station. The festival will organize a seminar on Saturday evening, with an overall theme: Carbon Reflections. Here we will reflect on the carbon footprint we as artists leave behind and how to deal with climate change.

About Performance Art Bergen
Performance Art Bergen (PAB) is a members organization for performance artists and others interested in visual art performance. The organization was founded in 2011 and since then it has organized a series of bigger international performance festivals, has had international exchange and theoretical programs including seminars and workshops. PAB has been visible with performance in public space, collaborated with art and culture institutions in Bergen on a performance program and is working on developing theories on the visual art performance field. PAB’s goal is to strengthen and highlight performance art. PAB is located in Bergen, but works on a national and international level.

Questions about the PAB OPEN 2019 festival? Contact us at:


PAB OPEN AT GRAND HOTEL TERMINUS Performance Art Bergen could scarcely believe their own ears when Grand Hotel Terminus opened their doors for the performance festival PAB OPEN 2019. This is going to be a unique experience in which 39 hotel rooms will contain various performances by international and national artists. As an audience member, you will be able to go to the 5th floor and experience a rich and varied program of performative expressions happening in parallel inside each of the hotel rooms.


PAB Open session: Lines - B-OPEN 2019

Date: 26. april Time: 18.00 - 19.00
Location: The small park opposite Hordaland Art Center

On the occasion of the event B-OPEN where the artists in Bergen open their studios for the public. Performance Art Bergen will perform out in the public space together. PAB Open Session is a concept PAB has arranged for many years, where artists meet in different public spaces to do perform improvisation. The goal of PAB Open Session is to make performance as an art form available also outside the art galleries; Open up for a spontaneous interaction and an exchange of ideas between disciplines, such as visual arts, dance and music. The theme this time is PAB OS lines.
Anyone who wants to participate in the improvisation is welcome to attend or to consider!


Open call -

PAB lokal søker performance for barn på
USF verftet - familiedag 9
desember 2018
Send inn forslag på performance frist 19 nov. 18

Performance Art Bergen inviterer nye og gamle PAB medlemmer til å sende inn forslag til performance for barn og deres familier til PAB lokal - familiedag USF verftet 9 desember 2018. Dette er årets siste PAB lokal. Et arrangementet der medlemmer kan søke om å utføre performance som skjer på ulike lokasjoner i Bergen. USF familiedag er et arrangement der USF verftet har et program for barnefamilier, ofte med konserter med Bajazz, dans og andre aktiviteter. For et år siden var flere av PAB sine medlemmer innvolvert i å utføre performance under familiedager. Det å utføre performance for barn kan være kjempe spennende da barn møter performance på en annen måte. USF familiedager er et populært tilbud med et stort antall publikum. Vi søker performance som kan bli utført i gang arealet, inngangspartiet og utendørs området til USF verftet. Da barnefamiliene er på vei inn og ut til konsertene ønsker vi durational performancer, der familiene møter på billedkunstperformance. Performance må ta utgangspunkt i at det er små barn som er målgruppen og deres familie.

Send beskrivelse av hva du ønsker å gjøre til
Merk med: PAB lokal – Performance på familiedag USF verftet
Fristen for innsending prosjektbeskrivelse er 18 november. 2018

Arrangementet vil finne sted tsøndag den 9 desember fra kl. 11-15

Se tidligere USF – familiedag arrangement på facebook


Documentation of performance: Eleanor Clare - Photo: Petter Lønningen

PAB album -18 2 have been released.
This is the autumn's first album with a summary of work that members have done in recent months from april - august 2018 both inside and outside PAB-related event. An inspiring report through documentation of visual arts performance . PAB’s goal is to strengthen and make visible performance art by arranging academic forums, workshops, festivals and international exchanges.

Are you interested to receive PAB album at youre mail send contactinformation to

The final deadline for members to send in documentation for the album are wedensday september 26 th. Send documentation to


Place: Musèplassen - City of Bergen
Sunday 23 rd september - time: 14.00-15.30

This will be our third equinox event with after the start in 2016 with the event : Same Difference: Equinox to Equinox 2016, and was a collaboration of 43 performance art organisations worldwide making group performances in public space. This project involved the worldwide participation of 283 Artists, in 43 Locations, from 29 Countries in 1 Day of public performance art.

PABOS Equinox

10.-17. September 2018
Internasjonal performanceweek - BIBF Bergen International Performance festival and Its personal
Two international performanceart-tours meets in Bergen: “History will be kind with me, for I intend to perform it” og “Its Personal”.


15.-16. September
Bergen International Performancefestival
History Will Be Kind to Me for I Intend to Perform It
Place: Kunstgarasjen
Saturday/Sunday 13.00- 16.00
Artists: Christian Etongo (Kamerun), Anthea Moys (Sør-Afrika), Serge Olivier Fokoua (Kamerun / Canada), Diana Soria Hernandez (Finland / Mexico), Gøril Wallin (Norge),Mekdes W Shbeta (Ethiopia/Norge) og Elias Björn (Sverige)

Its Personal Thai and talk

13. September
THAI & TALK / It's Personal
Place: Kunsthall 3.14
Tuesday 19.00 - 21.00
Artists: Pavana Reid , Pattree Chimnok, Terese Longva, Nopawan Sirivejkul, Rita Marhaug, Jittima Pholsawek, Sareena Sattapon og Marit Tunestveit Dyre.

History will be kind with?

12. September
Seminar: History Will Be Kind to Me?
Place: KMD - Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design
Wednesday 10.00 - 15.00
Contributors to History will be kind to me? : Sareena Sattapon (Thailand), Jittima Pholsawek (Thailand), Athea Moys (South Africa), Anette F. Johannsessen (Norway, artistic leader PAB), Frans Jacobi (Denmark, Proffessor KMD)

Finse camp 2018

24.- 26. August
Finse performance camp collaboration with Performance Art Oslo and Performance Art Bergen
Saturday - August 25 th - 13.00
Artists:Anette Friedrich Johannesen, Eleanor Clare, Henrik Koppen, Jan Egil Finne, Joana Gelazyte, Johanna Zwaig, Karen Kipphoff, Frantzsen & Mjanger, Sunniva Innstrand, Susanne Irene Fjørtoft og Sunniva Eira Sætereng.

pab os  bac draw

20. april
B- open - PAB OS / Bergen Akt og Croquis DRAW
Place: Isotop
Organizers: Anette Friedrich, Pavana Reid og Jan Egil Finne
More information: