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PAB are seeking 2 artists for Bergen International Performance Festival, 26th August 2023

BIPF 2023 is arranged by Anette Friedrich Johannessen, Marit Tunestveit Dyre and Eleanor Clare. 12 artists from 4 artist run organisations will be invited on a train journey from their homeland to Bergen via Finse. Our collaborative partners are EXCHANGE Live Art (ES), PaErshe (DE) og Dialog Ubert (ES).

Festival Programme:

17-20.08.23 Train journey to Finse; workshop and exchange with accommodation at Finse Cabin. The location of

Finse provides an opportunity for discussions inspired by the journey and surrounding landscape, and to develop new work that will be presented in Bergen.

24-26.08.23 Seminar and Festival at Bergen Kjøtt. 5 group performances in the space of 3 hours

We take inspiration from Angela Carter’s novel 'Nights at the Circus' (1984). The main protagonist is a trapeze artist, whose ambiguous yet physically overwhelming presence manifests itself as half-bird, half-woman. The novel takes us from London to Siberia, using the motif of a train journey to explore transformation of identity through transgression of, and liberation from cultural norms via contact with our animalistic self.

Carter entices us to imagine new modes of existence, to accept one another and the natural world. By becoming conscious of one’s place in nature, it becomes possible to discuss what it really means to live in the world: how we encounter it together, how we perceive it and how we live in it. A journey is often used as a metaphor in everyday language. In relation to art, we often speak of a mental journey, not a physical movement from one point to another. The journey we are planning encompasses both cities and stretched of untouched landscape. The artists will explore how their encounters with one another and the environment might transform and expand. To experience change together could create a common understanding of identity, environment and processes of change.

Practical Information:

Application deadline: 16th January
Participating artists must be comfortable doing group performances.

Register your interest with a short bio/statement, website and 3 images to

Deadline: 16th January.
Replies will be given by the end of January.

Mark the application with Open Call BIPF

This announcement is for PAB members. It is also possible to become a member after you have applied.

Read more about PAB here:

Between Sky & Sea
from August 8 to August 20 - 2022

The following weeks Performance Art Bergen will present the artists taking part in Between Sky & Sea in August 2022! Information will be published at
PAB Instagram & PAB facebook

Between Sky & Sea is a performance event that takes place every third year on different Norwegian islands. The 6th edition is titled “Temporal Horizons” and brings eight artists, art historians, lecturers and others together. For two weeks the artists will develop their works on Skuløy inspired and informed by seminars and discussions, leading up to a public performance program and showing August 20th 2022 from 13.00-ca 18.00.

Here is the facebookevent: Event - Between Sky & Sea - Skuløya

Opensessionphoto:Ulf Rugumayo Amundsen_DSC2013.jpg

Place: Venø gård - Venøya - Stad kommune
Saturday, July 16th
Time: 14:00-17:00

‘To be able to create art together with other artists in the landscape puts existence into focus and gives a sense of meaning to one’s being.’ (Bjørn Venø)

Venø Gård & PAB: Open session (PAB) collaborated on a open session in the landscape on the Norwegian west coast - Venøya.
6 performance artists performed with a 3 hour open session

Participating artists:
Pavana Reid
Kurt Johannessen
Mahla Rashidan
Mia Øquist
Anette Friedrich Johannessen
Bjørn Venø

Thanks to:
Venø gård KUNST, Bjørn Venø & Julia Kröner Venø,
& Anita Eide.

Here is the documentation by photographer Ulf Rugumayo Amundsen
from 3 hours Open session - Venø gård KUNST

Opensession3PhotoUlf Rugumayo Amundsen.jpg


Performance art Bergen are proud to present the confirmed artists for

PAB Open 2022

Date: 1.4 -3.4 - 2022
Location: The historic Hotel Villa Terminus - Bergen - Norway

Jan-Egil Finne, Lizlot Frydenlund, Frauke Materlik, Kjartan Andersen, Rita Maria Farias Munoz, Nayara Leite, Sofie Hviid Vinther, Derek Sargent, Astrid Haugesen, Liv Reidun Brakstad, Franzisca Siegrist, Locus - Tanja Thorjussen & Thale Fastvold (duo) , Susanne Irene Fjørtoft, Lea Opheim Basch & Solveig Laland Mohn (duo), Kjersti Austdal, Johan Urban Bergquist, Gisle Nataas & Clare Marie Bailey (duo), Guro Berger & Marielle Kalldal (duo), Sophie Barth & Katarina Caspersen (duo), Anne-Marte Eidseth Rygh, Evamaria Schaller, Vincenzo Fiore Marrese, Tina Mariane Krogh Madsen, Alexandra Holownia, Paul Regan, Charlotta Grimfjord Cederblad, Jordina Ros & Pere Estadella (duo), Diane Dwyer, Katherine Leung, Tomofumi Yamasaki, Siavash Kheirkhah, Natural Plastic - Adrià Torres & Carmen Kleykens (duo), Lars Jonsson & Line Rolf (duo), Switch - Didde Borup Larsen & Frida Retz (duo), Marit Tunestveit Dyre, Carol Stampone, and Mia Maria Norum Robsahm.

The festival PAB OPEN will take place in the historical building Villa Terminus in Bergen, Norway from March 31st to 3rd of April 2022. The artists local, national & international 46 artists will be interact with the unique site spanning through the main living rooms, kitchen, library, the garden "Plenen", Villa Terminus backyard and the 18 hotel rooms.

Performance: Susanne Irene Fjørtoft - Photo: Jane Sverdrupsen


open call bilde.jpg

PAB Open 2022
April 1th - April 3rd 2022
Location: The historic Hotel Villa Terminus - Bergen - Norway
Performance Art Bergen is looking for performances from regional, national and international artists. The festival PAB OPEN will take place in the historical building Villa Terminus in Bergen, Norway from March 31st to 3rd of April 2022. The artists will be able to interact with the unique site spanning through the main living rooms, kitchen, library, an exclusive garden and the 18 hotel rooms.

This is the 5th time PAB organizes PAB OPEN. The festival holds a low-threshold offer that allows the artists to explore and test new performative expressions. We want to provide a broad approach where artists with different backgrounds and expressions can evolve and create work.

The festival runs over the course of three days, with a public performance program lasting 3 hours each day — and in addition including a seminar on Friday, and dinner where we gather all participating artists on Saturday. Applicants are encouraged to focus on durational performances with a minimum duration of 30 minutes, which can be performed on multiple days. It is possible to apply with a solo or duo performance.

Due to the amount of performances happening at the same time, please let us know if you wish to use audio or similar elements in your performance. This is so we can fit it into the program without disturbing other performances. The rooms in the hotel are small, therefore it is recommended to not use amplification of sounds. We can unfortunately not offer any technical support or equipment. We kindly ask all artists to be self-reliant due to the size of the event.

What does PAB offer
We have the opportunity to offer 1 night accommodation at the hotel, breakfast, light lunch and a celebratory dinner for participating artists at the festival on Saturday, as well as a seminar on the topic of contemporary Performance Art, networking opportunities, and professional documentation of your performance. PAB will be able to offer a small fee of 1000 NOK (around 97 EUR) at the present time. We are applying for funding to be able to offer more. PAB encourages artists to apply for individual travel and project grants. PAB will send an invitation if needed for applications.

Traditionally, PAB OPEN has been a festival without curation, where everyone who applied has been invited to participate. This time, applications are evaluated continuously as there is a limited number of hotel rooms and common rooms available. The committee will make a selection assessed continuously based on local and visiting artists.

The portal for registration opens at september 11 at 18:00 here:

pabopen2-2017 middag.jpg

Organizers of PAB open 2022: Consists of the artists Anett Haukås, Iivi Meltaus, Mari Norddahl, Masja Nødtvedt, Tanja Silvestrini, Anette Friedrich Johannessen & Mia Øquist. The artists have broad and varied experience both as organizers of events and festivals, are active performance artists, and have positions as board members in Performance Art Bergen.

Contact information:
To receive the latest news follow us at:
Instagram: Facebook:

Here you can find documentation & texts from pervious PAB OPEN festivals:
PAB OPEN FESTIVAL 2019 - Grand Hotel Terminus
PAB OPEN FESTIVAL 2017 - Vaskerelven 8
PAB OPEN FESTIVAL 2015 - Old prison of Bergen
PAB OPEN FESTIVAL 2013 - Old prison of Bergen

PAB OPEN 2022 is supported by: Bergen Kommune, Kulturrådet, Bildende Kunstneres Hjelpefond, Grand Hotel Terminus, USF Verftet AIR


open call bilde.jpg

Performance Art Bergen celebrates it’s 10 years anniversary this fall and marks this celebration with two extra editions of PAB Lokal. In October we will again collaborate with Storetveit Church. The second one is in November at Kunsthall 3,14, who has been a collaborative partner for PAB since the start.

PAB calls for a total of 4 artists for two events:

Event 1 in Storetveit kirke, 16th of October (two artists/ performance works)

Event 2 in Kunsthall 3,14, 5th of November (two artists/ performance works)

Fee: A fee of NOK 5,000 is offered to participating artists/ artist group

Application deadline: September 20th

Apply with:

max 5 images of previous work
Short text about the performance/motivation. max 350 words

Send it as one PDF document to:

Label your application with:

Open Call PAB lokal – Storetveit Kirke


Open Call PAB lokal– Kunsthall 3,14

The event is for members of PAB and PAO- however artists who are not yet members of PAB can register to become one in order to participate.


Event 1, Saturday 16. October


Curated by Rita Marhaug and Anette Friedrich Johannessen


With the hymn of Mary, from the Gospel of Luke chapter 1 in the Bible, we invite artists to create a performance work in or outside Storetveit on October 16th. The artist(s) are free to interpret the text themselves.

We seek performances with a duration of 2-3 hours that must withstand the possibility of a certain interaction with the other artists and the audience.

The headline "ANNOUNCEMENTS" points forward to something that might come. This is closely linked to the church as a place for religious rituals and transcendent /altitude experiences.

In dialogue with the curators Anette Friedrich Johannessen and Rita Marhaug, the individual will develop a performance for either in or outside the church

Event 2, November 5th.

Location: KUNSTHALL 3,14

Curated by Kurt Johannessen and Karen Kipphoff


PAB is 10 years old and the performance organization Bbeyond, Belfast is 20 years old in 2021.On the occasion of this double anniversary, we will collaborate on organizing two performances in Bergen and two performances in Belfast. The performances are split into two categories:

Nature Made: Untreated material / objects from nature.

Human Made: Objects/materials that are made by the artist or others.

The performance artists who will be selected in Belfast will work from the same starting points simultaneously in time and with the same materials.

PAB is looking for two artists who want to participate in Bergen, on 4th November.

The performances will begin the sessions synchronously in Bergen and in Belfast. The performances in Belfast will be streamed and projected life size alongside the Bergen performance and vice versa. The performance artist in Bergen will be able to see the performance artist in Belfast. Thereby opening potentials for interaction between the performances from both cities. The performance context will have the exact same chair and table in both locations, in Bergen and Belfast.

Performance duration: 20-30 minutes max.

In dialogue with the curators, the artist(s) will be assisted in developing the performance and with technical requires.


Jane Sverd - Nina Bang Larsen_PAB OPEN 2019_Sverdrupsen-0557.jpg

Performance documentation from PAB OPEN 2019 - Artist: Nina Bang Larsen Photo: Jane Sverdrupsen

Performance Art Bergen are proud to present the news that our Performance Festival PAB OPEN will be held from March 31st to 3rd of April, in the historic Villa Terminus.

During the festival the artists will be able to interact with the unique site. The historically protected building previously housed a poorhouse, refugee center, elder home and student housing before the late baroque building opened as a hotel in 2016. In the main living rooms, kitchen, library, an exclusive garden and 18 hotel rooms, PAB Open aims to create a comprehensive performance experience that celebrates the moments.

The programme is diverse and contains everything from short actions to durational performances. By including artists with different backgrounds and experience levels, the festival showcases what goes on in the contemporary performance field in Norway and the World. Since 2013 the festival has been arranged biannually, with an unique programme where 50-100 artists perform simultaneously in different rooms at the same sites. Previous locations include Bergen Old Prison, Vaskerelven 8, and in the latest edition Grand Hotel Terminus.

Both experienced and novice, local, national and international artists will be invited through an Open Call. For next year's festival, the Open Call and registration will be launched at the end of August 2021. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook or our website to receive the latest news on PAB OPEN 2022.

Organizers of PAB open 2022:
Consists of the artists Tanja Silvestrini, Mari Norddahl, Anette Friedrich Johannessen, Mia Øquist and Masja Nødtvedt. The artists have broad and varied experience both as organizers of events and festivals, are active performance artists, and have positions as board members in Performance Art Bergen.

Contact information:
To receive the latest news follow us at:


Here you can find documentation & texts from pervious PAB OPEN festivals:

PAB OPEN FESTIVAL 2019 - Grand Hotel Terminus
PAB OPEN FESTIVAL 2017 - Vaskerelven 8
PAB OPEN FESTIVAL 2015 - Old prison of Bergen
PAB OPEN FESTIVAL 2013 - Old prison of Bergen


In this edition of PAB Local, we aspire to awaken the city and breathe life into it through a program consisting of actual >PHYSICAL< live-performances!

We are excited to present:

PAB Local: BREAK(ing habits)!

A performance event at four different locations in Bergen City Centre

Sat. 5th of June, 14:00-18:00

We have selected four performances that we thought poked at a nerve in the time, about isolation, communication and longing.

During these four hours you are invited on a journey through the city, starting on a sailboat at Bryggen, passing by a character with a lot on their mind at Folk & Røvere, lifting the gaze through Jonas Reins gate for a balcony dialogue between a dancer and a bass, before ending up at a traditional Swedish Midsummer celebration in Nygårdsparken.


VILDE JENSEN (The sailboat
Milonga, Bryggen)

I work relationally and intersubjectively with performance and rituals. Elements from rites of passage are often used in my site- and situation-specific performances. Playfulness and humour are helpful tools I use to pinpoint absurdities or make the abstract tangible. In a society that becomes more and more logical and disembodied, I try to add what I myself think is missing. Myths and stories makes it possible to elevate the little things we surround us with and create situations where the consequences of our actions and interactions can differ from everyday life, opening new opportunities of thought and action.

A boat and an apartment share the concept of being an enclosed space. In “Point of Departure we will investigate both their differences and similarities through conversations in and on Milonga, a 29 ft sailboat, which is also my home.

IDA CHRISTINA MAARDHED (Folk & Røvere, Sparebanksgaten 4)

Ida Christina Mårdhed is an artist from south Sweden, currently based in Bergen. Her works vary in media and audio/visual approach, but often repeats the same usage of repetitive rituals and other ritualistic re-arrangements, from a position somewhere in between private therapy/esotery and political social realism.

«I miss mantra» is a performance lifting a situation out of its singularity – out of its lonely, secluded, established and destructive confinement – into the presence of the public space, eyes and ears. It’s a prayer; a séance; a staccato; a loop; a voice and a typewriter and a person dressed in comfy clothes, just going on and on and on and on; they say pouring out your thoughts and emotions is good for your mental health, whilst dwelling is not. This is both.

KRISTINE NILSEN OMA (Two balconies, 3rd floor, Jonas Reins gate 7a)

Can the pandemic awaken a spirit of empathy?

The versatile bass player and composer; Ole Amund Gjersvik and choreographer and ME patient; Kristine Nilsen Oma, are improvising in response to each other.

Kristine Nilsen Oma’s dance-art of abstract shapes, movements and sounds embody years of isolation. As one of the activists behind #millionsmissingnorway she uses her chronic illness to express the stir-crazy embodied feelings stemming from being inside a chronically ill body for 10 years. This performance is performed from her quarantine on the tiny balcony, and the sounds of the instrument are coming from the tiny balcony beside her.


IBEN MANSFELD (Upper part of Nygårdsparken)

Iben Mansfeld (they/them) is an artist and studies at the art academy in Bergen, Norway.

Their work are socially critical with ambitions to break taboos and challenge how we perceive the world. Topics such as power structures, gender, body and mental health are consistent in their work. They aim to make the audience feel constructive discomfort and be able to put it in a larger context to see whats behind the structures and societal problems.

Midtsommer - Performance in Nygårdsparken 5.juni 2021

I welcome you to a day of traditional Swedish midsummer celebrations. The traditional food, drinks and maypole, presented in the distanced format we’ve become familiar with this past year. The mixing of this tradition usually associated with unity and social interaction and our new limiting circumstances, awakens a feeling of longing which I am excited to explore with you.


PAB Local: BREAK(ing habits) is curated by Tanja Silvestrini & Madihe Gharibi


Poster design by Atie Habibi

PAB Lokal forsidebilde.jpeg

Open Call for PAB Local: BREAK(ING HABITS)

Saturday 5th of June, kl. 14:00-18:00

Bergen city centre (tba)

Application deadline: 16th of May, 23:59 (+1GMT)

Practical information

Last year, we experienced a collective trauma that drastically changed our collective behaviour. The changes are now integrated in our lives. They are not changes anymore, they have become habits. What do we miss from our past lives, and how can we activate this nostalgia?

For this PAB Local event we want to breathe life back into the city. We are looking for audience-oriented performance works that are situated at specific destinations in Bergen city centre. It could be inside a shop, on water, on top of a building etc. The selected performances will be presented as a part of a route that the audience can follow collectively or separately.

The proposed works should be durational or repeated throughout the duration of the event. We search for interactive pieces that inhabit playful and poetic relationships to their sites. How has the public space changed, and how can we remind the city of the habits that we took for granted? Keywords: playfulness, interactivity, journey, relations, happenings, stories, site-specificity

What is PAB Local?

PAB Lokal is a series of one-night-only performance events, where Performance Art Bergen presents its own members in various venues in Bergen. The selected artists/artist groups are offered a fee of 5000 kr for their work, in addition to photo documentation and promotion through PAB’s channels. This time we will choose 4 projects to be part of this event. Artist groups share the fee.

PAB Local: Break(ing habits) is curated by Tanja Silvestrini & Madihe Gharibi

How to apply?

Please send us one PDF (max. 5MB) that contains the following:

  1. A project description (max. 500 words) incl. the exact location of the performance
  2. 1-5 descriptive images

Mark the PDF with «your name_pab local»

The subject of the e-mail should be «Application Break(ing habits)»

Send it to by 16th of May, kl. 23:59

Who can apply?

The Open Call for PAB Lokal is for members of PAB. However, you can apply first and become a member later. Groups where one or more artists are members are also welcome to apply. If you are not a member, you can apply for a membership here:

What is Performance Art Bergen (PAB)?PAB is an organization for anyone interested in performance art. PAB strengthens and highlights performance art through projects such as PAB Open, PAB Local, PAB Open Session and other professional forums, workshops, festivals and international exchanges. We are based in Bergen, but also work both nationally and internationally.




Curators: Anne-Marte Eidseth Rygh & Hans Christian Van Nijkerk in collaboration with general manager Jane Sverdrupsen

We would like to invite contributions in the form of «performance made for video» engaging in the following topics:

Multicultural, Diversity

Play, Humor

Ambivalence, Intuition

Union, Rebellion

With regard to the ongoing pandemic and an attempt to guarantee the work will be shown, we focus contributions to the medium of video. The contributions will be shown repeatedly during the week and screened on one of the gallery windows facing the nearby square to provide viewing opportunities for passers by and small audience groups alike. We also want to invite participating artists to a live zoom conversation with the audience in the form of a speed quiz on a specific day during the exhibition. The curators and general manager at Rogaland Kunstsenter will also participate in the speed quiz.

Fee: A fee of NOK 5,000 is offered to participating artists. The application must contain: Text about your art and about the work you are applying for – a maximum of 300 words.

Technical specifications for video: duration 15 minutes max.
Full HD 1920 x 1080, saved as an mpeg4 / H264. Send a link to the uploaded video file to us. In case you experience technical issues, feel free to contact us and we will find a solution.

The event is for members of Performance Art Bergen - however this Open Call is open to everyone to apply to. Selected artists who are not yet members of PAB can register to become one in order to participate.

Registration opens January 17, at 1 p.m. Deadline is February 21st at 11:59 p.m.

Send the contributions to:


"Everything has its time"

A performance event in and around Storetveit church

On the occasion of Storetveit Church's 90th anniversary, the congregation together with the association Performance Art Bergen (PAB) has the pleasure of inviting you to a unique art experience.

On Saturday 17 October, the audience can meet artists inside and outside the church where various performances will take place.

The event begins at 11.00 in the parish house with 3 short lectures that will provide informative perspectives on the church building, performance art and the passage of time.


Gunnar Danbolt, Professor Emeritus of Art History at UiB
Kurt Johannessen, visual artist
Sidsel Ellingsen; associate professor and responsible for further education in palliative care


Henrik Koppen
The artist duo Frantzsen & Mjanger
Katarina Skår Lisa
Lizlot Frydenlund
Vilde Jensen

Jostein Aarvik, Organist in Storetveit church

The program ends at 15.00

Entrance ticket 100,- (FREE for members of PAB)

The event is conducted in accordance with current infection control rules.

Read more about the event and the artists here

With support from Bergen Kommune



A performance event in and around Storetveit Church 17 October 2020

Deadline: September 20th

This is an open invitation to our members where we are looking for an artist for PAB LOKAL in Storetveit Church.

We want a performative work for this edition of PAB local in or outside Storetveit church on Saturday 17. October with a duration of 2-3 hours. Fees are 4000 NOK. PAB will be a discussion partner and facilitator of your work within our financial framework.


The theme for the performance-event is closely linked to the church as a place for religious rituals - Storetveit church in particular because it has its 90th anniversary. The church in it self has a distinctive visual expression from detail to wholeness. The headline "Alt har sin tid"(Everything has its time) points to the pervasive and orderly function of time in life inextricably linked to our bodies and the world around us. Together with the curators Anette Friedrich Johannessen and Rita Marhaug, the individual will develop his work for a given place in or outside the church.

Read more about the event and our Open Call here (clickable link)

* The announcement to PAB local is reserved for members of PAB and PAO. However, you can also become a member after you have applied.

Send the application to:

Mark the application with: Application PAB Lokal - Storetveit Church

The application should contain:
max 5 images of previous works
motivational text max. 350 words
Combined in one PDF-document

The deadline for submitting project descriptions is 20 September 2020

Finse (4).jpg



Invitation and sign-up for PAB / PAO Performance Camp at Finse

22. - 23. august 2020

Sign up before 15. June using this formåmelding-finse-performancecamp-22-aug-23-aug-2020/

Finse Camp is a meeting between members of the two organizations PAB and PAO. On August 22, 2020, we will meet up at Finse to do performance together, and gather to eat, drink and talk about our what it means to perform. Finse Camp was held for the first time in 2014, and has since been held every other year, last time in 2018.

Finse Camp is a forum for testing artistic ideas in a magnificent scenery. The participants come from all over Norway, but most are based in Oslo / Akershus and in Bergen / in Western Norway. Because of this it is natural to meet in the middle - between the two cities, at Finse. Here we can work in various places in nature, and explore the landscape by the use of body and material. We encourage everyone be mindful of this: to chose environmentally friendly materials and to tidy up everything after the performances.

Finse Camp will be a bit different this year. This year the much-used Finsehytta is closed for renovation. As a replacement, DNT will open Brebua, a new cabin where one can book a bed in a common room. In addition, there is the ongoing coronavirus situation, which means that we must follow current guidelines. It is difficult to predict exactly what the situation will be in August, but all points towards going through with Finse Camp, with certain modifications.

PAB will rent the local cabin Finsebu to have a place to center around, and cook dinner. It is uncertain whether we can sleep many people together at the cabin due to the ongoing corona situation. Therefore, we would in advance like to encourage to sleep in a tent, or if the situation allows - at Brebua. For those who want, you can come a few days before and stay longer, if there is space in Brebua or one has a tent. We will focus on Saturday as the main day, to allow for the possibility of making Finse Camp a day trip.

Finse Camp will be mostly a self-catering event.

HOUR Bergen International Performance Festival 2020 (BIPF2020)
28th February to 1st March 2020

Performance Art Bergen presented HOUR
curated by Pavana Reid

Participating artist for HOUR - BIPF 2020

Alastair Maclennan UK
Ana Matey ES
Andriy Helytovych UA
Béatrice Didier BE
Chomphunut Phuttha TH
Gustaf Broms SE
Ingeborg Blom Andersskog NO/SE
Ivonne Navas Dominguez CO/MX
Jan-Egil Finne NO
John Court UK/FIN
Mads Floor Andersen DK
Manuel Lopez ES
Marilyn Arsem US
Marta Bosowska PL
Niamh Seana Meehan IE
Nieves Correa ES
Olga Prokhorova RU/FIN
Rita Marhaug NO
Sajan Mani IN/DE
Sandrine Schaefer US
Sinead O’Donnell IE
Tanya Mars CA
Thomas Reul DE
Thomas Wells UK

More information here: HOUR BIPF 2020


HOUR Bergen International Performance Festival 2020 (BIPF2020)

Deadline: 15th December 2019
Dates: 28th February to 1st March 2020
Location: Kunstgarasjen, Bergen, Norway.

Performance Art Bergen would like to invite international artist to apply to participate in HOUR: BIPF 2020.

BIPF 2020 will take place at Kunstgarasjen in Bergen, Norway from 28th of February to 1st of March 2020. Curated by Pavana Reid, HOUR is a three-day performance art event, consisting of a 24-hour group performance followed by a one-day seminar.

The concept of HOUR is that 24 artists will migrate, interact and share time, space and materials over a 24-hour period. The artists enter performance space, one by one on the hour, every hour and remain in the space until the end of 24-hour period. The artist’s work together and finish the performance collectively. HOUR aims to examine the way artists use their artistic intuition to improvise, how they interact with each other and share materials in the limited space.

Performance Art Bergen (PAB) will provide the participating artist with an honorarium, accommodation and food during the festival. Travel expenses must be covered by the artist so we encourage you to apply for support where it’s possible.

The application must include:

  • Artist statement written in English (max 250 words)
  • Name / email / phone number / Country
  • Link to website / blog etc
  • Short biography written in English (max 250 words)
  • 4 images of your works, containing tittle and year
  • Specify your maximum work capacity within the framework of 24 hours.

Create PDF file and name it BIPF2020 - Open call - your name.

The PDF should not exceed 3 MB.
Application should be sent to:
For more information and questions please contact:

Reply to be expected: 25 December 2019

BIPF 2020 are conducted in collaboration and with support from: Performance Art Bergen, Nordic Culture Fund, Arts Council Norway, City of Bergen and Kunstgarasjen


PLACE: NORDØYANE IN MØRE & ROMSDAL (Skuløy, Haramsøy og Fjørtoft)
DEADLINE: 1. December 2019
WHEN: 9. - 20. September 2020

Performance Art Bergen (PAB) would like to invite new and old members of PAB to apply for the sixth edition of the international performance art event BETWEEN SKY & SEA with the theme TEMPORAL HORIZONS - and will focus on the relation between time, landscape, body and affect. We will invite eight artists and give them a framework for working, two of the artists will be chosen from this open call. The event will take place during twelve days on Nordøyane (north of Ålesund), Norway, in September 2020, and consists of seminar, work and end with a public event. The format can be performance for a live audience, for camera and/or video.

Members of Performance Art Bergen can apply.
If you are not a member, this is a great oppurtunity to become one!

The application must include:
• A description of the artistic practice related to the theme (max 500 word).
• A portfolio, link to webside etc.
• A CV
• A short artist statement/bio (max 250 word).

In the seminar specially invited guest lecturers will present ideas around the theme and together we will explore this further in discussions and presentations both from the participating artists and lecturers.

The artists will be provided with the necessary resources to work in a collegial community. That is, access to high-quality photographers, transport resources and people with knowledge of local culture and nature. PAB will provide the invited artists with travel, accommodation and food during the stay. We also will pay you a fee. This we cannot quantify today, because it depends on the result of several applications, but we will inform you shortly.

PAB would also like to invite you to contribute in some way; this could be sketches, text or photos, to the forthcoming book BETWEEN SKY & SEA: TEMPORAL HORIZONS. This will take place in the autumn -21.

For more information, please contakt Terese Longva, e-mail:
Application should be sent to:
Please mark the application: Between Sky & Sea - open call - 2020
Reply to be expected: 20. December.
From PAB, Terese Longva and Rita Marhaug

PAB OPEN Facebook Banner Juni.jpg

The list of artists participating in
PAB OPEN 2019 is ready!

The following artists have been selected:

David Alræk, Kjartan Andersen, Sara Arenfeldt, Kelvin Atmadibrata ,Janne Aass, Sophie Barth/Schouskollektivet, Alexandra Bischoff, Else Karin Tysse Bysheim and Linn Monika Børresen, Samuel Brzeski, Agnes Btffn , Gillian Carson, Dany DeVero, Susanne Irene Fjørtoft, Haruka Fukao/ Yohei Hamada, Amy Guilfoyle, Bianca Hisse, Alexandra Holownia, Kurt Johannessen, Johan F Källman, Nina Bang Larsen, SANGHOON LEE, Tina Mariane Krogh Madsen & Malte Steiner, Vincenzo Fiore Marrese, Ilze Mazpane and Sanita Duka, James McIlwrath, Iivi Meltaus, Elisa Miravalles, Patrick Morarescu, Gisle Nataas, Tita Polderman, Lykourgos Porfyris, Eivind Reierstad and Alexandre Guimarãres, Dana Sederowsky, Tanja Silvestrini, Jasemin Telle, Álvaro Terrones, Dick Turner, Sarah Tzara Victoria, Siri Bertling Wiik and Salka Hellbacka.

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OPEN CALL: PAB OPEN 5th.- 6th of October 2019

PAB is seeking performances from local, national and international artists for PAB OPEN 2019.

The event will take place at Grand Hotel Terminus Bergen, Norway. PAB offers 39 single / double rooms on the top floor, where the artists will both live and perform in the room they are allocated. This is the 4th time PAB will organize PAB OPEN. The festival holds a low-threshold offer that allows the artists to explore and test new performative expressions. We want to provide a broad approach, where artists with different backgrounds and expressions can evolve and create work.

Seeking performances with a duration of 30 minutes:
The festival runs over two days, with a program lasting 3 hours each day, including a seminar Saturday evening. Due to the briefness of the festival, we strongly encourage applicants to focus on durational performances, with a minimum of 30 minutes, performed both Saturday and Sunday. You can apply with both solo-or duo performances.

Due to the amount of performances occurring at the same time, please let us know if you wish to use audio or similar elements in your performance. This is so we can fit it in to the program without disturbing other performances. We can unfortunately not offer any technical support or equipment. We kindly ask all artists to be self-reliant due to the size of the event.

PAB can offer one night of accommodation at the hotel. This includes breakfast, brunch before the festival starts Saturday, dinner during the seminar 5th of October and dinner after the festival program Sunday 6th of October. Travel costs has to be covered by the artists themselves at the moment, although we are still seeking funding to offer a small honorarium.

Registration for the festival opens on 6th of June at 6pm.
Traditionally, PAB OPEN has been a festival where everyone who applied for participation were accepted. This time, applications are evaluated consecutively, as there are limited rooms available. The committee will make a selection based on local and visiting artists.

The portal for registration opens June 6th at 6pm here::

Travel by train to the festival
Performance Art Bergen encourages all artists travelling to the festival, to do so by train if it’s manageable.Grand Hotel Terminus is located only 50 meters from the train station. The festival will organize a seminar on Saturday evening, with an overall theme: Carbon Reflections. Here we will reflect on the carbon footprint we as artists leave behind and how to deal with climate change.

About Performance Art Bergen
Performance Art Bergen (PAB) is a members organization for performance artists and others interested in visual art performance. The organization was founded in 2011 and since then it has organized a series of bigger international performance festivals, has had international exchange and theoretical programs including seminars and workshops. PAB has been visible with performance in public space, collaborated with art and culture institutions in Bergen on a performance program and is working on developing theories on the visual art performance field. PAB’s goal is to strengthen and highlight performance art. PAB is located in Bergen, but works on a national and international level.

Questions about the PAB OPEN 2019 festival? Contact us at:


PAB OPEN AT GRAND HOTEL TERMINUS Performance Art Bergen could scarcely believe their own ears when Grand Hotel Terminus opened their doors for the performance festival PAB OPEN 2019. This is going to be a unique experience in which 39 hotel rooms will contain various performances by international and national artists. As an audience member, you will be able to go to the 5th floor and experience a rich and varied program of performative expressions happening in parallel inside each of the hotel rooms.


PAB Open session: Lines - B-OPEN 2019

Date: 26. april Time: 18.00 - 19.00
Location: The small park opposite Hordaland Art Center

On the occasion of the event B-OPEN where the artists in Bergen open their studios for the public. Performance Art Bergen will perform out in the public space together. PAB Open Session is a concept PAB has arranged for many years, where artists meet in different public spaces to do perform improvisation. The goal of PAB Open Session is to make performance as an art form available also outside the art galleries; Open up for a spontaneous interaction and an exchange of ideas between disciplines, such as visual arts, dance and music. The theme this time is PAB OS lines.
Anyone who wants to participate in the improvisation is welcome to attend or to consider!


Open call -

PAB lokal søker performance for barn på
USF verftet - familiedag 9
desember 2018
Send inn forslag på performance frist 19 nov. 18

Performance Art Bergen inviterer nye og gamle PAB medlemmer til å sende inn forslag til performance for barn og deres familier til PAB lokal - familiedag USF verftet 9 desember 2018. Dette er årets siste PAB lokal. Et arrangementet der medlemmer kan søke om å utføre performance som skjer på ulike lokasjoner i Bergen. USF familiedag er et arrangement der USF verftet har et program for barnefamilier, ofte med konserter med Bajazz, dans og andre aktiviteter. For et år siden var flere av PAB sine medlemmer innvolvert i å utføre performance under familiedager. Det å utføre performance for barn kan være kjempe spennende da barn møter performance på en annen måte. USF familiedager er et populært tilbud med et stort antall publikum. Vi søker performance som kan bli utført i gang arealet, inngangspartiet og utendørs området til USF verftet. Da barnefamiliene er på vei inn og ut til konsertene ønsker vi durational performancer, der familiene møter på billedkunstperformance. Performance må ta utgangspunkt i at det er små barn som er målgruppen og deres familie.

Send beskrivelse av hva du ønsker å gjøre til
Merk med: PAB lokal – Performance på familiedag USF verftet
Fristen for innsending prosjektbeskrivelse er 18 november. 2018

Arrangementet vil finne sted tsøndag den 9 desember fra kl. 11-15

Se tidligere USF – familiedag arrangement på facebook


Documentation of performance: Eleanor Clare - Photo: Petter Lønningen

PAB album -18 2 have been released.
This is the autumn's first album with a summary of work that members have done in recent months from april - august 2018 both inside and outside PAB-related event. An inspiring report through documentation of visual arts performance . PAB’s goal is to strengthen and make visible performance art by arranging academic forums, workshops, festivals and international exchanges.

Are you interested to receive PAB album at youre mail send contactinformation to

The final deadline for members to send in documentation for the album are wedensday september 26 th. Send documentation to


Place: Musèplassen - City of Bergen
Sunday 23 rd september - time: 14.00-15.30

This will be our third equinox event with after the start in 2016 with the event : Same Difference: Equinox to Equinox 2016, and was a collaboration of 43 performance art organisations worldwide making group performances in public space. This project involved the worldwide participation of 283 Artists, in 43 Locations, from 29 Countries in 1 Day of public performance art.

PABOS Equinox

10.-17. September 2018
Internasjonal performanceweek - BIBF Bergen International Performance festival and Its personal
Two international performanceart-tours meets in Bergen: “History will be kind with me, for I intend to perform it” og “Its Personal”.


15.-16. September
Bergen International Performancefestival
History Will Be Kind to Me for I Intend to Perform It
Place: Kunstgarasjen
Saturday/Sunday 13.00- 16.00
Artists: Christian Etongo (Kamerun), Anthea Moys (Sør-Afrika), Serge Olivier Fokoua (Kamerun / Canada), Diana Soria Hernandez (Finland / Mexico), Gøril Wallin (Norge),Mekdes W Shbeta (Ethiopia/Norge) og Elias Björn (Sverige)

Its Personal Thai and talk

13. September
THAI & TALK / It's Personal
Place: Kunsthall 3.14
Tuesday 19.00 - 21.00
Artists: Pavana Reid , Pattree Chimnok, Terese Longva, Nopawan Sirivejkul, Rita Marhaug, Jittima Pholsawek, Sareena Sattapon og Marit Tunestveit Dyre.

History will be kind with?

12. September
Seminar: History Will Be Kind to Me?
Place: KMD - Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design
Wednesday 10.00 - 15.00
Contributors to History will be kind to me? : Sareena Sattapon (Thailand), Jittima Pholsawek (Thailand), Athea Moys (South Africa), Anette F. Johannsessen (Norway, artistic leader PAB), Frans Jacobi (Denmark, Proffessor KMD)

Finse camp 2018

24.- 26. August
Finse performance camp collaboration with Performance Art Oslo and Performance Art Bergen
Saturday - August 25 th - 13.00
Artists:Anette Friedrich Johannesen, Eleanor Clare, Henrik Koppen, Jan Egil Finne, Joana Gelazyte, Johanna Zwaig, Karen Kipphoff, Frantzsen & Mjanger, Sunniva Innstrand, Susanne Irene Fjørtoft og Sunniva Eira Sætereng.

pab os  bac draw

20. april
B- open - PAB OS / Bergen Akt og Croquis DRAW
Place: Isotop
Organizers: Anette Friedrich, Pavana Reid og Jan Egil Finne
More information: