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PAB-Open is a festival who are although funded, maintains a DIY/grass roots spirit by making room for exploration and testing of new modes of expression within the field of performance and live art. The festival provides both students and "veterans" the possibility to perform together in a professional setting and gives the audience an insight into what is happening in the field of performance art in Bergen and Norway.

PAB-Open was arranged for the first time in 2013 in Bergen Old Prison, in 2015 the festival had 80 national international performing artists, and in 2017 the festival was also an extraordinary art experience with 70 international performing artists. With hundreds of performances made the festival the biggest in the field of performance art in Norway so far.


Participate in the festival PAB OPEN 2019:
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First press release PAB OPEN 2019:

Performance Art Bergen gives up on the old Bergen county jail - local business opening its doors for art - Grand Hotel Terminus opens 39 hotel rooms for performance festival this fall.

Performance Art Bergen could scarcely believe their own ears when Grand Hotel Terminus opened their doors for the performance festival PAB OPEN 2019. This is going to be a unique experience in which 39 hotel rooms will contain various performances by international and national artists. As an audience member, you will be able to go to the 5th floor and experience a rich and varied program of performative expressions happening in parallel inside each of the hotel rooms.

This is a brave decision taken by a hotel which for years has supported the Bergen art scene through the purchase and presentation of art and providing accomodation for visiting artists. Performance is a part of visual art, but at the same time a momentary “image”, a moment which then disappears. PAB Open is a festival which provides room for experimenting and testing out performative expressions. A festival which celebrates fleeting moments, where you have to be present to be able to feel the atmosphere and observe the events. An extraordinary experience with a wide range of sounds, movements and stories.

This is the fourth time PAB OPEN is organized by Performance Art Bergen. This time the visiting artists will be staying in the same room as they are performing in. The artist will check in and then perform for the audience during festival opening hours on Saturday and Sunday.
Saturday evening there will be a seminar dinner entitled “Carbon Reflections”.

PAB encourages the artists to travel to the festival by train. Grand Hotel Terminus is located next to the train station. For this reason, the festival is planned so the artists are able to take the night train from Oslo and arrive Saturday morning, walk 50 meters across the street, start the day with breakfast / lunch at the hotel and then perform afterwards. The next few weeks, an Open Call for PAB OPEN will be sent to a number of international performance organizations.
If BT is interested in following the festival and hear more about it before the news spreads, the Performance Art Bergen crew is eager to tell you more about this unique concept. We are hoping for a positive response.

Bio for the PAB OPEN festival:
PAB OPEN was organized for the first time in 2013 in the old Bergen County Jail, and is held biannually. In 2015 the festival had 80 performing artists - both national and international - and over a thousand guests in attendance. In 2017 the festival was also an extraordinary art experience with 70 international performing artists. With hundreds of performances, it is the biggest festival for performance art in Norway yet.

PAB OPEN is a performance festival that provides room for testing out new performative expressions. Both experienced artists and artists just starting out are invited to participate through an Open Call.

About Performance Art Bergen
Performance Art Bergen (PAB) is a members organization for performance artists and others interested in visual art performance. The organization was founded in 2011 and since then it has organized a series of bigger international performance festivals, has had international exchange and theoretical programs including seminars and workshops. PAB has been visible with performance in public space, collaborated with art and culture institutions in Bergen on a performance program and is working on developing theories on the visual art performance field. PAB’s goal is to strengthen and highlight performance art. PAB is located in Bergen, but works on a national and international level.

Performance Art Bergen is supported by the municipality of Bergen, the county of Hordaland, Art Council Norway. PAB also wishes to thank Grand Hotel Terminus for their collaboration.