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Bergen International Performance Festival 2023

Bergen International Performance Festival, 24th-26th August 2023


Where: Bergen Kjøtt
When: August 24-26
Doors open: 17:30
Program starts: 18:00

Admission is free!

Welcome to the 6th edition of the Bergen International Performance Festival (BIFF), organized by Performance Art Bergen (PAB). This year, you can experience powerful performances and thought-provoking seminars with some of Europe's most prominent performance artists:

Mari Norddahl (NO)
Elizabeth Tomos (UK)
Maire Karuvuori (FIN)
Ana Matey (ES)
Isabel León (ES)
Giusseppe Dominguez (ES)
Mario Montoya (ES)
Lorena Izquierdo Aparicio (ES)
Héctor Navarro Agulló (ES)
Thomas Reul (DE)
Stephan US (DE)
Surya Tüchler (DE)

This year's festival draws inspiration from Angela Carter's novel 'Nights at the Circus' (1984), where the main character is a trapeze artist whose ambiguous but physically overwhelming presence manifests as half-bird, half-woman. The novel takes us from London to Siberia, using a train journey to explore the transformation of identity through the violation and liberation from cultural norms by connecting with our animalistic selves.

As part of BIPF, we are hosting an evening seminar open to the public. The seminar will be moderated by the Bergen-based performance artist Eleanor Clare, and the invited speakers are Thomas Reul, Maire Karuvuori, Elisabeth Tomos, and Eirik Fevang.

A journey often serves as a spatial metaphor in everyday language. In the art world, journeys are referred to as a journey of the mind, not a physical movement from one point to another. The journey we plan encompasses cities, former industrial buildings, and untouched landscapes. The artists will explore how encounters with each other and the environment can transform and expand us.

The seminar will address the theme of transformation through interaction, using the practice-based perspectives of our festival artists and the theoretical lens of philosopher and literary critic Eirik Fevang.

On the festival's main day, you can experience challenging group-performances from 12 European artists gathered on one stage. The artworks are a result of the artists' collaboration during their train journey to Bergen, where they also had a residency in Finse. This makes this year's edition of BIPF a unique art experience.

BIPF 2023 is organized by Anette Friedrich Johannessen (Chair of PAB) and Marit Tunestveit Dyre.

Our festival partners are:
PAErshe (DE)

We extend our sincere thanks to the support for BIPF 2023 from Bergen Municipality, the Norwegian Arts Council, Vestland County Municipality, and Acción Cultural Española (Through the Programme for the Internationalisation of Spanish Culture (PICE), in the framework of the Mobility grants)

About BIPF:
Bergen International Performance Festival (BIPF) is organized by Performance Art Bergen (PAB). PAB's ultimate goal is to strengthen, visualize, and promote performance art in Bergen, on the West Coast of Norway, and in Norway as a whole. BIPF is held every other year, and the format has varied between individual and group performances. BIPF offers professional development opportunities for the art community in Bergen through the presentation of international, national, and local high-quality performance art. The festival introduces performance art, brings new impulses to Bergen, and inspires and challenges a broad audience interested in the arts.

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