Alastair MacLennan "oughtaught"

Oughtaught. A.MacLennan


Workshop med performancekunstner Alastair MacLennan!

18.-20.april har PAB invitert Alastair MacLennan fra NordIrland

til å holde workshop for performancekunstnere 


STED: Bergen gamle fengsel

TID: kl 10:00 - kl 16:00


Dette sier han selv om det som skal foregå:


The performance workshop will engage both individual and group
performances over three days, involving private/public,
social/cultural considerations, using the whole group of participants
as a teaching/learning unit, offering feedback and advice, as

Focus will reside in developing and activating concentration,
intention, insight, innovation, flexibility, adaptability and... 'being
in the moment'.

References will be from Life and Art, negotiating actuality in the
'here and now', emphasizing conditions of
fusion---interfusion---diffusion, embracing 'both/and' thinking, (not
'either/or' dualism).

Du kan lese mer om MacLennans arbeider her


Bilder fra Workshop:

Foto: Kurt Johannessen





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PRIS for deltagelse:
300,- for medlemmer
1000,- for ikke-medlemmer

Medlemskap: 400,- pr år. Halv pris for studenter.