Eleanor Clare

Eleanor Clare

Eleanor Clare has been working in the field of performance, sound and video since 2003. Recently she exhibited at the Bargehouse in London and produced work for BUZZCUT Glasgow, Bristol Mayfest, Exhibit Festival Venice & NWEAMO experimental music festival in San Diego & Miami.  She was co-producer of Bristol’s monthly live art platform ‘The Closet & The Plank,’ and was involved in the development of FAB (Fringe Arts Bath) during its formative years.  She graduated from MA Fine Art at St Martin’s (London) in September 2011 and moved to Bergen in March 2012. 

Her work revolves around ideas of transformation.  Costume is used to create a character; to dress up. Figures that could have come from mythology or folklore give the audience a way in to what is before them.  Within this frame the work can then unfold in an entirely unexpected manner, bringing forth alternative meanings to the original archetypes.  The voice is integral to this, as it can beguile, deceive and reveal, but also communicate very directly with the audience.  As Marina Warner has written, it could seem that the voice has a power all of its own, which can be used for good or evil.  In its extremes, it can either mask the orator in the most convincing of deceptions, or reveal their truth, in the most vulnerable of circumstances.   The authentic and the theatrical are always at play. 

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