Anette Friedrich Johannessen

Diesem Raum; Soft, PAB OPEN 2015. Foto: Bjarte Bjørkum.


Anette Friedrich Johannessen is a Norwegian artist. She did her BA at Camberwell College of Arts (London), after educating from KiB art school (Bergen). Friedrich Johannessen has participated in several exhibitions and shows (both solo and collaborative) in England, Norway, Russia, and Germany. 

Friedrich Johannessen works mainly with video and live performance, where she explores the meaning of simple and everyday rituals that helps us to create and support our own identity.

She finds inspiration in the variety of systems we create to make sense of everything and how we act in order to realize our goals.

The materials she uses, reflects a planned, yet intuitive approach to the subject matter. The simplicity of them, combined with the references to everyday life/childhood games, underlines the seriousness that lies within joy and playfulness. 

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