ALT GÅR BRA SHOW AT BERGEN KJØTT KRINGSATT AV FIENDER: The Shield of Achilles from Homer to Bobbitt April 1st-2nd 2016

Departing from ancient Greek representations of the Shield of Achilles, Kringsatt av Fiender juxtaposes antithetical thoughts on causes and aims of war, with a focus on the market state. 

April 1st, kl. 19.00-midnight / Opening Event
Exhibit and Performances–with Skype interventions by Philip Bobbitt and Domenico Losurdo (TBC)

April 2nd, kl. 16.00-18.00 / Book Launch and Discussion 
Book launch: Victor Charlie Report: Post-exhibition Catalogue by Alt Går Bra
Discussion: “Doing Art Politically” Alt Går Bra in conversation with Dmitry Vilensky from Chto delat based on Jean-Luc Godard's motto as used by Thomas Hirschhorn: "making art politically, not making political art." 

Alt Går Bra sets out to research the intersections between art and politics through exhibits, performances, printed publications, invited guests and the Tout Va Bien series at Bergen Kunsthall/Landmark.

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